About Us

What’s CocoMama?

We are introducing the healthy, tasty and convenient breakfast meal. Because we believe that people deserve healthy food that’s tasty and perfect for people on the go. This is the reason why CocoMama Foods created a nutritious breakfast meal. Healthy breakfast on the go is the vision of CocoMama, we know the struggle of cooking and buying healthy foods for ourselves and for our family.

Our mission is to bring back the food that ancient civilizations enjoyed. Back in 2008, Sarah Gragnolati found out that she has food allergies. However, her taste buds were appalled by the gluten-free offerings in the market. She then discovered ingredients like quinoa and amaranth and wondered why very few packaged foods took advantage of these versatile and nutritionally-packed foods. And thus, CocoMama was created.

5,000 years ago, quinoa, which contains energy-inducing proteins were considered sacred. It was a staple food of the ancient civilization in South America. We successfully, informed everyone that quinoa is not just healthy but tasty too, and we’re happy to know that our consumers understand the power of these ancient grains.

CocoMama launched its first line, Quinoa Cereal in 2001. We created it for everyone, whether you are a health conscious or not, these cereal is just right for you. In fact, we are creating our next line of healthy food that we’ll be happy to introduce to you when the time comes so that you can enjoy it too.

Rest assured that at CocoMama Foods, everything we produce is of high quality and contains the best nutrition. We have quality control processes in place to ensure that you only get the best possible products. We assure everyone that CocoMama Foods is working hard to produce more delicious and healthy products for you.

CocoMama Foods, your breakfast on the go. Thank you for your time.