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Sara Gragnolati,
Founder & CEO

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Sara’s insight into food trends combined with the ability to negotiate a contract began at a mere six years old when she canvassed her hometown selling Girl Scout Cookies. Realizing her gift for gab, she attended the University of Scranton and earned her degree in Communications. Upon graduation she entered the world of natural & organic products. It only took some hemp milk and local bacon for Sara to become hooked on the business.

Ironically, eight years later she was diagnosed with food allergies. After recognizing that there was a huge lack of nutritious options (and don’t even get her started on taste), Sara decided gluten- and allergy-free consumers like her deserved more than puffed rice and corn flakes.

With a rough business plan in hand, she left to develop a company through Babson’s MBA program. After twelve months (and 365 kombuchas) Sara launched Cocomama.

When not reading recipe books or watching the Food Network, Sara is convincing someone else to cook for her.

Catherine Rulli,
Recipe Catalyst and Archivist

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Cathy has spent years developing a holistic approach to healthy living. When she’s not reading about or experimenting with food, she can be found behind a camera capturing the best of people and, well, food. Who else can find a way of utilizing an undergraduate degree in both Fine Arts and Agriculture?

Cathy’s interest in the relationship between food and health was heightened when her son was diagnosed with various illnesses including Polycystic Kidney Disease and autoimmune disease. She quickly immersed herself into understanding the affects of nutrition on our health.

If Cathy could bring only one item to a deserted island it would be her Vita-mix. And, er, we guess some electricity, too!


Maggie Rulli,
Blog Correspondent

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If you can catch Maggie (no lie, free business idea: you could bottle her energy and sell it BIG), you’ll find her exploring various U.S. cities for the newest restaurants or whipping up a new smoothie concoction in her kitchen.

With her Communication degree from Boston College, Maggie has production experience at top media outlets, including NBC, where she worked at both The Tonight Show and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.  Most recently, Maggie hosted and produced for The Pulse Network.

Maggie’s favorite ingredient is garlic. And dooooon’t be surprised if she finds a way to sneak it into a batch of scrumptiously sweet brownies without you even knowing it.

Twitter Updates

    Sara has eaten wild blueberries almost everyday for the past 8 years. Now that's commitment.

    The name Sara means princess. Sara played a princess in her high school musical. Coincidence or destiny?

    Sara ran the DC Marine Corps Marathon. Although she didn't place first, she's pretty sure she beat a few servicemen.