Due to the health benefits and nutritional value, avocado is ideal. Avocados are full of fiber and are rich in healthy fatty acids. Avocados are also full of vitamins and reduce bad LDL cholesterol. The good HLD cholesterol will be raised by avocados. Compared to other types of food, you will find much more nutritional value in avocado. Avocado is therefore rightly counted among the superfoods.


Oatmeal is full of healthy vitamins and minerals. In addition, oatmeal naturally gives a full feeling. Oatmeal contains more proteins and grains than other grains. Oatmeal has all kinds of health benefits such as: a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, a lower cholesterol level and a lower blood pressure. Oatmeal also helps with constipation. More and more popular diets prescribe to eat oatmeal. In addition to the fat-reducing effect of oatmeal, there are numerous health benefits to this product. This cereal should certainly not be missing from the list.


Kefir is a step in the right direction in improving your health. You can make kefir yourself from whole milk or you can buy it ready-made in the supermarket. You can also make kefir from goat milk, sheep milk or vegetable milk. In that case you do not have any adverse effects from cow’s milk. For example, kefir has an antibacterial effect, certain forms of cancer could be prevented, the risk of osteoporosis is reduced, it may (possibly) help against allergies and kefir is an extremely good source of probiotics.

Coconut oil

Nowadays you can simply buy coconut oil in the store. Coconut oil is much better than other vegetable oils and animal fats. Coconut reduces hunger, would help with fat burning, fits well with a ketogenic diet, helps with eczema, acne and dry skin. Coconut oil would also be good for cholesterol levels. This is in contrast to what many researchers thought. However, recent research proves the opposite and shows that certain saturated fats, such as from coconut oil, are not bad. Coconut oil is suitable for heating and can also be used cold.

Sweet potato

In the Netherlands we love potatoes. Fortunately there is a healthy alternative with the sweet potato. The big difference in the sweet potato is in vitamins and minerals. These are present to a greater extent. For example, one portion of sweet potatoes already contains around half the recommended daily amount of vitamin C, which is good for your resistance.