Expo East 2012

September 28th, 2012
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The Best Foodie Finds

Cocomama's Expo East 2012 PIcks

This week, we arrived back from  the Natural Products Expo Show East, held in Baltimore (home of the Wire, which is possibly the greatest TV show ever, IOHO). It was a food feast like no other. What started as a few vendors 28 years ago has grown into a mighty force to be reckoned with.

The future of food

A lovely testament to what is happening in food, Alice Waters was this years keynote speaker so you know it must be healthy and honest. She's a passionate advocate for a food economy that is “good, clean, and fair.”  Alice, you rock.

Navigating the floor

Our goal: Making our way to as many booths as possible. We hit some of our very favorites first.

VITAMIX, oh how we love you, and you did not disappoint. We visited several times to a. taste their smoothie, and b. put our card in the pile to win a brand new machine. We have not heard yet if we won but we will keep our *fingers crossed*.

NAVITAS NATURALS is so very cool we cannot help but to feel really hip that we use most of their products. They were sampling one of their new products, the coconut water powder.  It will revolutionize our smoothies.

Trending at the show

What's all the rage? Non-GMO, sprouted, pickled/fermented, kale, yoghurt, chia, gluten-free and coconut oil products. Plus, every variety of chips you can imagine: lentil, chia, quinoa, lobster...you name it, they've chipped it.

We chowed our way through gogi berries, kale chips, ate some fantastic raw olives, went back for seconds on the gluten-free, dairy-free pizza, and crushed every smoothie we came across. Then we headed over to the natural products aisle to pop a few vitamins and tummy soothers.

Special friends...

Kudos to our friends QUINN POPCORN on such a creative trade show booth, nice people  and fantastic popcorn. Hopefully they will put a picture of it on their website. You have to order the popcorn to get a taste, but trust us, it's pantry staple.

Our friend Derrick, owner of the famed NYC eatery LA ESQUINA, brought his brand new salsas & dips to the show. Beautiful ripe tomatoes, tart green tomatillos and hot arbol chile peppers, charred and blended with the same care for generations. Visitors to La Esquina call this smoky ambrosia the finest salsa in the world. We were tempted to confiscate a couple of jars as it hasn't hit stores near us yet. Luckily, there's Amazon.

HEALTH WARRIOR Chia Bars—what's not to like about these tasty treats? We love our chia around here and these bars make it easy to get the nutrition benefits on the go.

THREE TWINS ICE CREAM, it was love at first bite with your Sea Salted Caramel. We went back for seconds and thirds (ok, and fourths too). We're huge fans of all your flavors, so we feel it's OK to make one request of you: please make a coconut water frozen Greek yogurt with a granola bowl. Kthanks.


GLOW GLUTEN FREE cookies are out of this world and actually made from good-for-you ingredients (like bean flour). Sometimes we fancy ourselves as matchmakers and we have to say...Glow and Three Twins should pair up. Two Double Chocolate Chip cookies with some Sea Salted Caramel, anyone? Cardamom Three twins sandwiched by Glow Ginger? Yeah, we know, we're visionaries.


These are just a few of the amazing foods we sampled among so many awesome products. "No need to eat breakfast the day of the show," we were told. And, right they were. Good thing we all wore our stretchy pants.






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