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Join Us at the Thanksgiving Table

We want you to help us celebrate Thanksgiving Cocomama-Foods-style. Take a seat at our virtual feast on Pinterest.

A virtual feast on Pinterest.

We want to celebrate with all of you and create the largest Gluten Free Thanksgiving board on Pinterest.

Proving that gluten free does not mean sacrificing taste, we  share a bounty of recipes to please any palate and create a welcoming table for all.

Admittedly, we’ve got a thing for gluten free, but Cocomama is an all-inclusive gang and everyone is welcome. Whether you are raw, paleo, gluten free, non-dairy, or you just like delicious food, please come participate in our feast today.



Thank you pilgrims.

Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays ever created. Instructions for an ideal Thanksgiving: gather all of your loved ones and EAT. That’s it.

It seems quite simple, but when you have food restrictions it becomes a challenge. Some recipes simply do not translate well when gluten is not included. Breads and pie crust can be particularly tricky.


Gobble Gobble.

While we believe that is completely acceptable to start new holiday traditions like wild rice stuffing, raw vegan crust and quinoa biscuits. We even think (don’t tell Mom) that some of these foods are better than the traditional recipes. But with the army of ingredient-restricted foodies out there, the number of amazing gluten- and dairy-free recipes abound.

Join us.

Take your seat on our Pinterest GlutenFree * Thanksgiving* Table. Here’s some options how:

  • Simply click the link and follow our board (better yet, follow all of Cocomama’s boards)
  • To become a contributor, add your name below in the comment section with a link to your Pinterest page; we’ll add you to the group board
  • Contributors: your only requirement is that you pin gluten-free recipes

Be inspired by the board’s creativity and send in your own recipes, ideas and tips for a stress-free, beautiful, bountiful holiday.

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