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January 28th, 2013
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A SuperBowl party for everyone.

It's Superbowl time, and we're planning our gluten-free party and, of course, in Cocomama style, it starts with the liquid refreshments.

When we are in NYC we love to stop by Pure Food and Wine. Their food is superb, but it's also one of our favorite bars. They use the purest ingredients and come up with some of the most inventive drinks. Ah yes, we could probably sit there all day and night. Sometimes we even, dare we say, ask for a “virgin”.  So good, so pretty and no headache or stranger in your bed the next morning. (This could be good or bad depending on the circumstances.)

Inspired by PF&W we are stocking our own bar and collecting Gluten-Free Recipes to share. This is what's in our bar. What is in yours?


What would the Super Bowl be without beer?  As the world's oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage this will be the first item on the shopping list. It used to be hard to find a good beer made without gluten. Thankfully, that has changed thanks to food-savvy millenials.

Our friends at Food Republic reviewed many Gluten-Free Beers and came up with 5 successes you should try.

1. Harvester Fresh Hop IPA

2. Dogfish Head Tweason'Ale

3. Epic Glutenator

4. Omission Pale Ale

5. Celia Saison


Spirits has a thorough list of gluten free spirits, they include a valuable warning about checking labels and manufacturer websites. Things can change after we write this so be safe and read the labels.

G-Free Foodie gives us more detailed information on which liquors are best. Most doctors say that distilled liquors are safe but some who are extremely sensitive may not be able to tolerate them. Watch out for flavorings.

Five we will stock in our bar.

1. Bulleit Bourbon

2. Carolins Irish Cream

3  Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey

4. Ciroc Premium Vodka (P. Diddy likes this one too.)

5. Cold River Gin



Virgin or Alchoholic, start the party with cocktail recipes from our Pinterest Board, the Gluten Free Bar.


For a great non-alchoholic drink try Cocomama's Chia Fresca. This will make you feel all warrior like. If you cannot take the virgin version we are assured it is excellent with vodka or gin (Chia-rita, right Sara?).


The Meyers Lemon Whiskey Sour drink above is from Heather Sage at Sage Amalagram. We love all of Sage's original gluten-free recipes so be sure to peruse the site when you're there.

We will have lemons, limes, sparkling water and plenty of gluten-free mixers on hand as well.

Are we missing anything?

What are your plans for the big Superbowl party?  Whose got a date? Who is having the party? Tell us  your Superbowl party ideas and stories and if you want, we are available to bartend.







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