I LOVED the CocoMama quinoa cereal. The various flavors of the cereal are all tasty and refreshing.


I wish I knew this from the day it launched. Breakfast on the go really suits my lifestyle.

A little expensive but, worth it.


Banana Cinnamon Quinoa Cereal is like my favorite banana bread without guilt and grease. It’s delicious and nourishing, this one is my favorite.


You can never go wrong with CocoMama Quinoa Cereal. It’s more convenient than I thought and the flavors are so good, very refreshing.


I am a single Mom with 2 children. I actually do not have time to prepare meals for my kids so, I’d rather buy fast food which is definitely not healthy for us. But I have no choice since I’m busy in my work and I am the only one taking care of them. Until, I discovered CocoMama Quinoa Cereal, thanks to God, it is so easy to prepare, a perfect complement to my busy schedule. My children and I love this cereal. I even bring this to the office for my lunch. In doing so, I save my time having lunch in the office canteen, I finished my work early and go home as soon as I can so now I have more time for my kids.


This got me through the day without being hungry. Very tasty, and nutritious.


My kid is allergic to some beans and peanuts, so, finding quick and easy to prepare food is a challenge! Good to have these.


Heat and eat! I put a little amount of milk, I find it very tasty. A little expensive though. Better for travelers like me, that always on the go.


My kids love it, they even bring it to school for they lunch. Wish there were more flavors to choose from.