Juicing is sexy

Top 5 Reasons to Juice

We think juicing is pretty rad. Why? Because raw (not heat pasteurized) fruit and veg juice packs most of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in whole, fresh produce. As the king of cellular renewal and detoxification, raw juice clears your skin, improves energy, alkalizes your diet and helps digestion. It’s the green Viagra (yes, we went there).


Cocomama’s top 5 reasons to add fresh-pressed juice to your day:

1. Easy to digest.

Raw juice doesn’t require much digestion work. Instead, your body can then channel that surplus of energy into elimination, recovery, healing, and, well, maybe that extra mile gets a little easier to run.

2. It tastes good.

Whaaaa? Yeah, you heard us right. When you juice with the right combos, you’ll be lapping it up like it’s the elixir of Gods. Our favs: kale-pineapple-ginger, beet-carrot-apple, celery-cucumber-spinach-lime-apple.

3. Active enzymes.

Present in raw produce (cooking zaps them), enzymes regenerate your body at the cellular level, aiding in detoxifying, metabolizing food, purifying blood and strengthening the immune system. And that’s the short list.

4. Slows aging.

What up, Benjamin Button? Most fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants, which are known for their anti-aging properties. As they fight free radicals, antioxidants do little things like boost your immune system (take that viruses), prevent disease and reduce the negative effects of stress. Not too shabby.

5. You become sexier.

Juicing says, “I take care of my body, I want to be healthy, and I know what’s good for me.” And what’s not sexy about that?

Quick Tips:

  • Use lime or lemon to balance the bitterness of greens
  • Add fresh ginger; it gives your juice a kick and it has positive effects on cardio health
  • Peel citrus fruit (but keep the white pith)
  • Think bold colors (green, purple, red, orange) to optimize nutrition
  • Drink up within 1-3 days; use mason jars to maintain freshness
  • Mix fruits and veggies (with an emphasis on the veg)
  • Use fresh produce and go organic
  • Juicing does NOT replace eating whole fruits and vegetables, so keep those salad bowls filled

Our Fav Juice Brands:

  • The Juice Press (pictured above) in NYC has a killer selection of organic juices and raw goods.
  • Pressed Juicery creates an extensive array of beautiful and tasty juices; find them in LA or order online.
  • Organic Avenue offers juices and more at 11 NY-based posts, but ships nationwide and is expanding retail to other states.
  • BluePrint sells a selection of cleansing juices that can be found online and in select Whole Foods.
  • Evolution Fresh is a Starbucks chain of juice shops currently in the Seattle area but growing quickly. We’ve tested their juices and can confirm it’s legit.

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