Who are the Chicken Wholesalers in South Africa

Chicken wholesalers in South Africa are a vital part of the poultry industry and food supply chain. The country is home to some of the largest chicken producers and suppliers in the world, supplying an array of fresh and frozen products for both local consumption as well as export markets. In addition to being responsible for providing quality poultry at competitive prices, these wholesalers also play an important role when it comes to ensuring that all safety standards are met with regards to handling, storage, transport, packaging and delivery of their products.

This includes adhering to government regulations regarding animal welfare, hygiene practices and health standards. With such stringent requirements set by law, only those who have substantial experience in this field can rise up as reliable suppliers capable of meeting customer demand while maintaining high levels or quality control throughout the process.

If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable chicken wholesaler in South Africa, you’ve come to the right place. With a variety of options available, it can be difficult to know which supplier is best for your business needs. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we will give you an overview of some of the top chicken wholesalers in South Africa. We’ll provide information about their services, prices and delivery times so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your supplier. One popular option is The Chicken Company (TCC).

This company has been providing quality chickens since 2008 and offers free-range chickens from farms around South Africa at competitive prices. They also offer various cuts such as wings, legs, breasts and whole birds with no added hormones or antibiotics used in any of their products. TCC also provides a wide range of other poultry products such as eggs and duck meat that are sourced from local producers who adhere to strict animal welfare standards.

Delivery times vary but they usually deliver within 48 hours after a successful order has been placed. Another great choice is Rehoboth Poultry – one of the largest suppliers in South Africa with over 30 years experience supplying poultry across the country (and beyond!). As well as offering high-quality fresh chickens at reasonable rates all year round, they also have frozen birds available on request which can be delivered within three days if required.

Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable too so feel free to ask questions before making your purchase! Finally there’s Mazoudi Wholesale Poultry – another long established company specialising in delivering premium quality wholesale chickens throughout Gauteng province only for now but plans to expand nationwide soon enough!

Who are the Chicken Wholesalers in South Africa

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Who Supplies Chicken to Kfc South Africa?

KFC South Africa is one of the leading fast-food chains in the country, and their chicken is a key part of their menu. The question then arises: who supplies KFC with its chicken? The answer to this question can be found by looking at KFC’s supply chain.

In South Africa, KFC gets most of its chickens from Astral Foods – one of the largest suppliers for poultry products in the region. Astral Foods has been supplying KFC since 1987 and currently provides over 70% of all chickens used by the chain in South Africa. Astral Foods prides itself on providing quality products to its customers and adheres to stringent food safety regulations when it comes to producing and delivering poultry across South Africa.

They are also committed to animal welfare initiatives such as responsible rearing practices, humane slaughter processes, and sustainable production methods that reduce their environmental impact. In addition to Astral Foods, KFC sources some additional chicken from secondary suppliers including Country Bird Holdings (CBH) – another well-known supplier based in Johannesburg which operates several integrated farms that produce free range eggs as well as broiler meat for retail outlets throughout southern Africa. CBH also adheres to high standards when it comes to food safety protocols and animal welfare initiatives while managing its operations sustainably with minimal environmental impact.

Apart from these two major suppliers, there are other smaller players involved in contributing towards meeting KFC’s demand for chickens – both domestically grown or imported depending on seasonality needs or availability issues within local markets at any given time. These include small scale farmers located around Gauteng province (who primarily grow feeder birds), traders based out of Cape Town who specialise in importing frozen ready-to-cook cuts into SA (mostly sourced from North America & Europe), etc..

Where Does South Africa Get Chicken From?

South Africa is one of the world’s top chicken-producing countries, providing more than 700 million chickens each year. The country has a long history of poultry farming and produces both local and imported chicken for domestic consumption. So where does South Africa get its chicken from?

The majority of the chicken consumed in South Africa is locally produced, with much of it coming from small family farms throughout the country. These small-scale farmers typically keep only a few hundred birds at any given time and produce free-range or organic products that are highly sought after by consumers looking for healthier options. Local production also allows these producers to tailor their breeds according to consumer demand while reducing costs associated with shipping long distances.

In addition to local production, South Africa imports significant amounts of frozen chickens from other countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Thailand and the United States. These imports come mainly in the form of processed or ready-to-cook products like nuggets or tenders which offer convenience for busy households without sacrificing quality. Imported chickens must meet strict standards set out by government regulations before they can be sold on South African shelves so consumers can rest assured knowing they are getting safe food products regardless of origin.

Finally, many restaurants across South Africa source their live birds through independent suppliers who specialize in sourcing high quality animals directly from farmers around the country – often catering specifically to particular cuisines such as Chinese or Indian dishes requiring specific types of bird varieties not commonly found elsewhere outside specialized markets may also be sourced this way . By dealing directly with individual farmers these establishments can ensure that their customers receive fresh ingredients without having to worry about compromised safety standards due storage concerns during transport over longer distances via commercial channels..

How Much Do I Need to Start a Chicken Business in South Africa?

If you’re looking to start a chicken business in South Africa, there are many factors you need to consider before making the leap. From buying equipment and finding the right location to deciding on how much stock and staff you’ll need, it’s important that all aspects of your new venture are planned out carefully. The cost of starting a chicken business in South Africa can vary greatly depending on your individual circumstances.

Generally speaking however, the initial setup costs will be around R100 000 (or equivalent USD). This includes purchasing housing such as cages or coops for your chickens; feeders and drinkers; heat lamps; ventilation systems; lighting systems and any other necessary equipment. It also covers the cost of purchasing high-quality poultry breeds from specialist suppliers, which can range anywhere from an average of R50 per bird up to R200 or more for specialised birds like Bantams or quail.

Once these upfront costs have been taken care of, ongoing expenses must also be factored into the equation when budgeting for your chicken business. These include regular food costs (roughly between R750-R1000 per month), veterinary bills if needed (around 10% of total monthly expenditure) plus additional items such as bedding material, nesting boxes and pest control products that may be required over time . Depending on size , rent/mortgage payments associated with any property being used should also be factored in too .

Finally , staffing is another key factor in setting up a successful chicken business – regardless whether it’s full-time employees or part-time workers hired under contract . Depending on level of expertise required , salaries paid out can range anywhere between minimum wage levels right up to highly experienced professionals commanding substantially higher wages . As such , this needs to figured into overall expenditure plans accordingly when planning ahead .

Is Selling Chickens Profitable in South Africa?

The poultry industry in South Africa is a booming business, and chicken farming can be a very profitable venture. It’s estimated that the total value of the South African poultry industry was approximately R30 billion in 2019. That number is expected to continue increasing as more people become aware of the health benefits associated with eating chickens.

Starting a chicken farm requires some initial capital investment, but it has the potential to provide you with steady income over time if managed correctly. You will need to purchase good quality chicks from reputable hatcheries which usually cost around R15 each. They also require feed and medical care throughout their life cycle so these costs must be factored into your budgeting when calculating profitability.

Once your chickens are fully grown they can be sold for meat or eggs at local markets or directly to customers through online platforms like OLX or Gumtree. The price per kilogram for fresh chicken meat varies depending on location and demand, but generally ranges between R45-R50 per kg in South Africa at the moment. Eggs sell for about R20 per dozen on average although prices may differ slightly depending on size and quality of eggs produced by your flock.

Overall, selling chickens can indeed be profitable in South Africa if done properly; however there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before diving head first into this type of business endeavour including: start up costs such as purchasing high quality chicks, feed & medicines; ongoing expenses related to labour, housing & equipment maintenance; pricing strategies based on market research & competition analysis; marketing efforts required in order to reach customers etc…

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Rainbow Chicken Wholesale Prices

If you’re looking to stock your restaurant, grocery store, or other food establishment with the freshest and most affordable chicken products on the market, then Rainbow Chicken Wholesale is here to help. As one of South Africa’s leading poultry manufacturers and distributors, they offer competitive prices on a wide range of premium quality chicken products that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Rainbow Chicken Wholesale offers an impressive selection of fresh chickens at unbeatable prices.

From whole chickens and drumsticks to boneless breasts and more—all their chicken is sourced from quality-controlled farms in South Africa for superior flavor. They also have a variety of frozen options including wings, nuggets, tenders, gizzards & livers as well as value-added selections such as marinated cuts and pre-seasoned roasters. All their products come vacuum sealed for optimal preservation so you can be sure it stays fresh until ready for use!

When it comes to pricing, Rainbow Chicken Wholesale won’t disappoint either. Depending on size/quantity ordered (ranging from single cases up to pallet loads) customers can expect discounted rates when buying in bulk with case prices starting at just $10 USD per 10kg box! What’s more is they offer weekly specials where you can get extra discounts off select items too!

With savings like these it makes sense why Rainbow Chicken has become a popular choice amongst commercial buyers around the world. Overall if you want top notch chicken but don’t want to break the bank – look no further than Rainbow Chicken Wholesale Prices! Whether you’re stocking your kitchen for home cooking or supplying a business – this company has got everything covered so check them out today!

Wholesale Chicken Distributors

If you’re looking to purchase chicken in bulk, then you may want to consider working with a wholesale chicken distributor. Wholesale distributors are companies that specialize in buying and selling large quantities of products at discounted prices. This is beneficial for businesses who need to buy large amounts of raw materials or food items in order to fulfill orders or stay stocked up.

When it comes to poultry, there are many different types available from various wholesalers, so finding one that can meet your needs should not be difficult. When looking for the right wholesale chicken distributor, the first thing you’ll want to do is check out their selection of poultry products. Most will offer a variety of meat cuts and processed foods such as nuggets, strips and more.

It’s important that you find one with an extensive selection so you can easily get what you need without having to place multiple orders from multiple suppliers. Additionally, some distributors may also provide organic options if this is something that’s important for your business or customers. Another factor when choosing a wholesale chicken distributor is price – make sure they’re offering competitive prices on the product offerings they have available!

Ask them about any discounts they might offer if ordering larger quantities than normal; many companies will be willing to work with customers on pricing since it benefits both parties involved in the transaction. It’s also important to ask about delivery times – does their warehouse ship quickly enough for your needs? Some distributors may require advance ordering which could result in longer wait times before receiving product shipments; make sure this works out well within your own timeline before making any commitments!

Finally, ensure that the wholesale chicken distributor has a good reputation among other customers by reading online reviews or asking around within industry circles if possible – this way you know exactly what kind of quality service they provide and how reliable they truly are as business partners!

Goldi Chicken Wholesalers

Welcome to Goldi Chicken Wholesalers! We’re a family-run business that has been providing top-quality chicken products to restaurants, grocery stores, and other foodservice establishments for nearly 30 years. At Goldi Chicken Wholesalers, we take great pride in the quality of our chickens.

All of our birds are raised on vegetarian feed and never given any growth hormones or antibiotics. They are then processed using state-of-the-art equipment in order to ensure consistent high quality from batch to batch. We offer a wide range of chicken products including whole chickens, parts (breasts, thighs, legs), wings and tenders as well as ground chicken and sausages for all your cooking needs.

Our customers trust us for having consistently fresh product with exceptional flavor profiles due to the fact that we process our chickens within hours of them being harvested – meaning they don’t have time to lose their flavor or texture during transportation or storage. Our commitment doesn’t stop at just providing superior tasting poultry – we also strive to be an ecofriendly company by implementing sustainable practices throughout our entire production chain such as utilizing biodegradable packaging materials whenever possible and operating under strict environmental standards set forth by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). This means that you can rest assured knowing that when you purchase from us, not only will you be getting the highest quality product but it was produced in a way that’s friendly towards both people and planet alike!

In addition to all this goodness is great customer service which is something we work very hard on here at Goldi Chicken Wholesalers so if ever there is an issue with your order please do not hesitate reach out so we can make sure it gets resolved quickly and efficiently We thank you for considering us as your go-to supplier for premium quality chicken products!

Wholesale Chicken Suppliers Johannesburg

If you’re looking for the best wholesale chicken suppliers in Johannesburg, then look no further! This article will provide a comprehensive overview of some of the top wholesalers in the city, so that you can make an informed decision on which supplier to choose. South Africa is one of the world’s leading poultry producers, and as such there are plenty of options when it comes to buying wholesale chicken from local suppliers.

In Johannesburg specifically, there are several companies providing quality chicken at competitive prices. Here’s a few: 1) The Chicken Coop – The Chicken Coop is one of South Africa’s biggest wholesale poultry suppliers.

They supply a wide range of fresh and frozen chickens direct from their farm in Pretoria, Gauteng. Their chickens are hormone and antibiotic-free and meet all EU standards for health and safety regulations. Furthermore they offer competitive pricing with discounts available depending on order size or frequency.

2) Nel Brothers Poultry – Nel Brothers Poultry has been supplying quality free-range chickens since 1972 across South Africa – including Johannesburg. They have established themselves as one of the most trusted names in poultry production due to their high standards for animal welfare and food safety procedures throughout each stage of production process. All products come fully traceable allowing customers to track where their product originated from if needed – making this company ideal for those who appreciate transparency when purchasing meat products!

3) KwaMhlanga Wholesale Chickens – KwaMhlangaWholesale Chickens offers premium free-range chicken at unbeatable prices – perfect for restaurants across Johannesburg looking to save money without compromising on quality ingredients! All birds are inspected before delivery by veterinary experts ensuring all orders arrive safe while adhering strictly to industry regulations regarding animal welfare practices during rearing processes too!

Live Chicken Suppliers

Providing fresh poultry to your customers is an essential component of any grocery store or restaurant. But sourcing live chickens can be a daunting task for many businesses, as it’s not as easy as simply ordering from a supplier. To ensure that you get the best quality product, you need to find reliable and knowledgeable suppliers who understand the needs of their customers and provide top-notch service.

Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable live chicken suppliers out there who can meet the demands of any business looking for poultry products. Here are some tips on how to find them: 1) Do Your Research – Before committing to any supplier, make sure you do your research and read reviews about their services.

This will help you learn more about what they offer and whether or not they have good customer service policies in place. Additionally, look into where they source their chickens from—ideally, it should come from local farms so that you know exactly where your food is coming from! 2) Ask Around – Chatting with other businesses in your area can be a great way to find reliable sources for live chickens.

They may even have advice on which suppliers are most cost efficient or provide superior quality birds compared to others in the market. Plus, if someone has had bad experiences with certain companies before then it’s best if you avoid them altogether! 3) Investigate Health Standards & Regulations – When selecting a live chicken supplier make sure that they adhere strictly to health standards and regulations set by both federal agencies such as USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as well state government bodies like FSIS (Food Safety & Inspection Service).

You don’t want unknowingly breaking laws related to food safety due to poor hygiene practices at their farm sites or processing centers!

Chicken Wholesalers near Me

If you’re looking for a reliable chicken wholesaler near you, then look no further! Chicken wholesalers provide the freshest and highest quality products to restaurants, caterers and other foodservice customers. Finding the right supplier can be difficult so here are some tips on how to find the best chicken wholesaler near you:

1. Ask around – Talk with local chefs, restaurant owners or caterers in your area to get recommendations on which chicken wholesalers they use. They may even be able to give you information on pricing, availability of different cuts of meat and customer service quality. 2. Research online – Look up “chicken wholesalers near me” in search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

This will bring up listings for suppliers located close by that specialize in fresh poultry products. You can also check out their websites for more detailed information about their services including delivery options and product ranges available. 3. Compare prices – Once you have identified a few potential suppliers it is important to compare prices as this could make all the difference when it comes down to making a purchase decision.

It is also worth considering any additional costs associated with delivery or special orders as these can quickly add up over time so make sure that these are taken into account when making comparisons between suppliers.. 4. Read reviews – Reading reviews from previous customers is an excellent way of getting an insight into what kind of experience others had with particular vendors as well as understanding how good their customer service was overall before deciding who to work with moving forward.

. By following these steps, you should be able to find the perfect chicken wholesaler that meets your needs at an affordable price point!

Fresh Chicken Suppliers near Me

Are you looking for fresh chicken suppliers near you? Whether you are a restaurant owner or an individual consumer, finding reliable and high-quality sources of fresh chicken can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several options available to help meet your needs.

For restaurants, one of the best ways to find local providers is through food distributor networks. These networks utilize both independent producers as well as large poultry companies such as Tyson or Perdue to supply their customers with top quality products on demand. By utilizing these sources, restaurants can rest assured they’re getting the freshest possible ingredients while also having access to competitive prices and quick delivery times.

Individual consumers have a few more options when it comes to sourcing fresh chicken than restaurants do; however, it may require a bit more legwork in order to find the most convenient option for them. For example, farmers markets and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) provide direct access from local suppliers who raise chickens sustainably and humanely—resulting in incredibly delicious and healthy meat that has been raised ethically without any added hormones or antibiotics. Additionally, many grocery stores offer organic chickens from trusted brands like Bell & Evans which offers antibiotic-free birds raised without cages or growth promotants so shoppers know exactly where their food is coming from before making their purchase decision.

Another great way for individuals to source freshly raised chickens near them is through online stores like ButcherBox which specializes in providing premium meats sourced directly from small family farms around the country at affordable prices delivered right to your door! This makes it easy for everyone—from busy families all the way up professional chefs—to get high-quality proteins conveniently delivered straight off the farm into their kitchen on a regular basis if desired! No matter what kind of meal plan you’re following—whether paleo diets or veganism —finding reliable suppliers of fresh chicken should not be hard anymore thanks to all these resources available today!

Frozen Chicken Suppliers in South Africa

If you’re looking for reliable frozen chicken suppliers in South Africa, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the top frozen chicken suppliers located in South Africa and what they have to offer. First up is Poultry World.

This company has been supplying high-quality poultry products to customers all over South Africa since 2012. They specialize in providing fresh and frozen chickens, which are sourced from local farms throughout SA as well as international importers. They also supply a range of other fresh and frozen poultry items including turkey legs, duck portions, quail breasts etc., so there’s something for everyone at Poultry World.

Aside from chickens, they also provide a variety of marinated meat products such as their popular ‘African BBQ Chicken Thighs’ – perfect for any summer braai or gathering! Next on our list is RCL Foods – one of the leading food producers in South Africa with more than 100 years experience within the industry. As part of their portfolio they offer an impressive selection of both fresh and frozen chicken varieties ranging from full birds through to ready-made portions ideal for quick meals or snacks on-the-go.

All RCL Foods chickens are sourced locally meaning that customers can rest assured knowing that only quality ingredients are used when producing their delicious poultry products! R&R Trading is another excellent supplier based out of KwaZulu Natal who specialise exclusively in high quality halal certified birds . If you require halal certified poultry then look no further; R&R Trading has got it covered!

Their selection includes premarinated whole roasting chickens as well as fully cooked sliced superior grade breasts – perfect for whipping up quick dishes without compromising on flavour or nutrition! Lastly we have FJ Meat Suppliers who have been providing premium chilled meats since 1999 .


If you’re looking for reliable chicken wholesalers in South Africa, then you’ve come to the right place! Here we’ll tell you all about who the top chicken wholesalers are and what makes them stand out. Let’s dive in and find out more.

There are several well-known poultry suppliers throughout South Africa that offer a wide variety of chicken products at wholesale prices. For example, Riverview Foods is one of the leading companies providing premium quality frozen chickens as well as other types of poultry products. They have been operating since 1998 and their focus is on delivering high-quality meat with excellent customer service.

Their services include delivery within 24 hours and they also provide custom packaging solutions to meet your needs. Another popular supplier is Clover Products & Services which has been supplying fresh chickens since 1969 across Southern Africa with various grade levels ranging from AAA Grade up to B Grade depending on your budget requirements. They also offer a wide selection of value added items such as portion packs, crumbed strips, coated pieces, wings and drumsticks – perfect for any food establishment or caterer!

In addition they provide a full range of support services including advice on product selection, technical assistance regarding recipes/products usage etc., training sessions (including HACCP compliance) plus much more. Finally there’s VKB Food Solutions which offers an extensive line up of fully cooked ready meals featuring delicious African inspired dishes like Curried Chicken Pie or Cape Malay Curry Submarine Sandwich – just heat it through in minutes for a tasty meal anytime! VKB also supplies traditional favorites like burgers; roasts; steaks; sausages; kebabs plus lots more so whatever type of dish you’re looking for – they’ll have something that fits the bill perfectly!

All three companies mentioned above are highly respected within the industry so why not get in touch today? You won’t regret it – happy shopping!

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