Super Bowl Day Snacks-Gluten Free

January 31st, 2013
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Avoid fat-pants Monday with our 5 fav scrumptious (and guilt free) game time treats.

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Partying with your friends and cheering for your team also means eating and drinking. Sometimes too much of both. Did you know, Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day for U.S. food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day? But Cocomama always has your back. With these tips and recipes, there will be no need to break out the elastic waistbands on Monday.

How to avoid fat-pants Monday and enjoy yourself at the party? Do these three things.

  1. Eat breakfast. A packet of our gluten-free Quinoa Cereal will keep you satisfied throughout the morning (shameless plug ;) ) It has enough fiber to fill your stomach and protein to maintain your energy. Add nuts on top of the cereal or a hard-boiled egg on the side, if you want. This one tip alone will shave a surprising number of calories off of the day.
  2. Pre-party mini meal. smoothie or a salad works well. We will be doing The Best Green Smoothie Ever, Cocomama style.
  3. Bring/serve smart dishes. Choose recipes that are not only healthy, but that will also win you taste points with your party-goers. So to show we know what we're talking about, here are 5 of are fav party apps. And don't worry there are waayyy more on our Pinterest Gluten Free Snack board.

Our 5 Fav Party Apps

Nacho Cheese Sauce | Food 52 dishes up a less artery clogging version of an old favorite.


The Superbowl Sunday Guacamole Football Stadium | We are speechless.


Gluten-Free Crunchy Chicken Wings | Another winning dish from Silvana's Kitchen.


Cocomama Bean Dip Two Ways | Garlic vs'll want to make both.


Cocomama Dessert Hummus | What would a Super Bowl Party be without a wacky dessert? These two sweet dips pleases everyone. The reviews have been simply amazing.

*Bonus* Tip

Don't forget to stock the bar with gluten-free bevvies. If you have been invited to someone's house for a party, bring along enough of what you like to drink and a little extra. These new gluten-free beers, liquors and non-alchoholic drinks are so insanely good, so watch out, because everyone will be drinking yours.

Celiac disease as well as gluten allergy and intolerance are on the rise. Even if you don't have an issue with tolerating gluten, it's a wise idea to offer options for your guests. Read here to learn more about Celiac disease, gluten allergy and intolerance.





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